Strategies and Policies for Outside Class

- COVID Protocols: With a couple of exceptions, all of the strictest COVID protocols will be followed at all times. Every family unit and Jon will stay at least 6 feet apart at all times (it's been more like 20 feet or usually). Accompanying adults will hopefully wear masks at all times. Children have the option to not wear masks. No equipment will be shared. Kids will have the option, with adult permission, to sit on the drum throne and play a small drum set (with their own sticks) for a song towards the end of class (you can sterilize the drum throne, and/or bring a towel to place on it before sitting...).

- Jon won't be wearing a mask during class: I can't do this without my face, sorry. I'll be the only adult without a mask within hundreds of feet, but I will be singing, which is said to be more dangerous than talking...

Adult Participation: This is an adult participation class. Children must be accompanied by a participating adult!!! Outside at parks it can be difficult to engage children, especially at 20 feet away. When the adults unite in any action, the kids are drawn into joining, but when the adults don't participate, the kids see it as an excuse to not participate themselves. The adults are the models of how we want the kids to behave in the class, and must sing and do the moves and behaviors all class long. 

- Cell Phones: Please refrain from using cell phones except for emergencies or cameras.

- Taking video or pictures of your child is usually fine, but I might ask you to stop if I for any reason if I think it's best for the class.  Please refrain from taking images of other children and Jon without prior permission.

- Food: No eating during class.

- 1 adult per child only: (One adult with 2 children is fine.)

- Guests:  Please do not bring extra adults or children into the class without prior permission.

- Makeups: Unfortunately, with the tiny class COVID class size allowable, outside class makeups are not always available at this time.  I will probably have them available for Summer, but can't promise...

- Rainy Days and Other Disaster Refunds:  Refunds, credits, online makeups and possibly some outside class makeups are offered for all cancelled classes. Whatever you like...

- Be Ready to Adjust Locations: I'll try and keep things consistent, but it's a whole new world and I don't know how things will go out there at this point. I get there before class and sometimes need to adjust plans if our planned location isn't looking good for some unforeseen reason.

- Email and Text Communication:  For cancellations and adjustments that might need to occur, a group email will be used up until half an hour before the class starts.  A group text with on site adjustments will be used starting one half hour before class. (Please make sure I have your phone number...)

- Blanket:  Bring a blanket to sit on (if you like).

- Instruments: Bring your own instruments!  I will have some for you to borrow for your first class if you like.  here are the ones I'm currently recommending you purchase: ...for the 4.5ish and older class ...for the 1 - 6 year old class

- No Free Previews: Sorry, with the small COVID class size allowable, preview classes are $25 (price per class when signing up for a series). 

- Drop-Ins: $35 if available.