Policies and Strategies

- Adult Participation!:  This is an Adult Participation Class.  Children must be accompanied by a participating and singing adult.  At Jon's School of Music, we are a band, and we're trying to make great music. We will need everyone's attention and energies to do so.  We're all musicians in the band, and the adults are models for how we want the children to participate in it.  When the adults are all enthusiastically engaged in the music making, the children will eventually follow suit.  I will be asking you to sing and participate in the class if you're not doing so, repeatedly if necessary, as it's the very best tool we have for imparting musical knowledge.  Please do realize this coming into the class, and be ready and willing to do so.  

- Time to adjust:  For many children this is their first class ever, and for others it's like no other class they've been a part of. In order to make these instruments available, which no other class does, children have to take turns and wait for things.  At first this can be quite a challenge for some.  Don't worry if at first your child is unable control their urges to try and get what they want when they want it, or if they're upset when they are gently prevented from doing so.  Eventually with calm and consistent guidance they will be able take turns on the many instruments.  Please don't expect your first preview class to be an indication of how the class will be for you and your child once they adjust to the class and it's rather unique curriculum.  Children who need to and are given the chance to eventually adjust are in for a treat. 

- Health and Instrument Protection: Please protect children and instruments from careless behavior by the children.  At first they will have no idea that the instruments must be handled safely, or what that means.  Please keep a lookout and intercede immediately if you see unsafe behavior.

- Oral Explorations:  In order to keep ourselves, our band mates and the band instruments healthy, we're working towards not putting instruments or fingers in our mouths and noses.  I realize that many children might not be able to stop themselves at first, or even ever, but we must let them know that that is what we're working towards.  Please do go through the motions of stopping them especially the very first times they attempt oral exploration in the class.  This will let them know right away that the classroom is a special place where new rules about oral exploration apply.  If I find it to be truly necessary, I might gently ask them to stop as well, and hopefully at some point we will have some success in keeping everyone safer, and the instruments relatively sterile and free of harmful moisture and germs. Please remember, I don't expect oral explorations not to happen, but I do hope to begin working towards the goal of trying to get them to stop during class.  And thanks for your help with this, I know it's no fun!  

- Food: Please do not bring any food out in the classroom. If hunger becomes an issue, please step outside and take a little break from the class.

- Beverages:  Please try to avoid bringing out beverages. If thirst becomes an issue and you must, please put the beverage away and out of reach of your child as soon as possible.

- Toys: Please do not bring toys into the classroom. If you must, please help me to find a way put them somewhere where they won't be a distraction to your child and the other children in the class. 

- 1 adult per child:  This class allows for one adult per child. Two children can be watched by one or two adults. No extra guests please! A guest adult can come as a child's one adult. Please have guest adults read and agree to the policies of the class before they attend.  It is certainly possible for adults to switch in the middle of class.

- Please bring no child or adult guests without prior permission. 

- Receiving the $15 discount for continuing students signing up early: In order to receive the $15 discount you must be a currently enrolled student, and get your tuition in 4 weeks before the first class of the new session. If you need more time, please let me know that you definitely want the spot, and I can extend the deadline.

- Video and Photo Policies: For the purposes of this class, video and photo images will sometimes be taken. Please let me know if you have a problem with this, and I will keep it to a minimum, or suspend it.  I won't post any video of your recognizable images without permission. You're welcome to film your child, but at some point you may be asked to stop using them if I for any reason I think it's in the best interest of the class. 

- Makeups are possible during the quarter in which you are enrolled only (no limits as long as there's space in other classes).  

- Tantrums:  If your child is having a tantrum before entering the class, please wait until it has subsided before bring him or her in, in order to keep the class sane for everyone else.  

- Seating Arrangements:  I sometimes need folks to move around to new spots in the class in order to keep things running smoothly, and to adjust to those who might be a bit late. Please be prepared to move to a new seat in the classroom with your child if I request it.

- Cell Phones:  Please refrain from using cell phones for anything other than class happenings during class. It's understood that emergencies might occur and cell phones might be needed for them, but this is a caregiver participation class, and your energies and attention are needed at all times.

Thanks very much for your attention to these class policies and strategies!