Info On Virus Break and Precautions

Howdy folks!  To help prevent the spread of the virus, it looks like I’ll be closing the school for 2 weeks after this weekend, starting Monday March 16th. The current plan is to start again for the planned beginning of the Spring Quarter on Monday, March 30th. 

Please do check the top of the website ( for any changes of plans in the future, and check your email (and junk folder) inbox as well.  

I will be creating videos of the last 2 classes of this quarter, and sending dropbox invitations to folks enrolled in the class. This will be my first time trying this, so bear with me as I figure out what I’m doing…

I will, however, be around during some class times during the break, and would love to play with kids outside in the fresh air of the park if anyone is interested (following health recommendations of not touching in any way or getting too close, and washing hands frequently in the classroom sink, which will be available to you if I’m there...). Do let me know you’re interested in hanging out!

I’m toying with the idea of private Skype lessons with my older students as makeups, so let me know if you’re interested in giving that a try. I’ve never Skyped before, so who knows…

I will be having classes this weekend, and taking quite a few new precautions against germ sharing:

- I have tons of new plastic mallets that will be sterilized before use, and parents will keep them for their child throughout the class for whenever mallets are being used.  

- Picks for stringed instruments will be sterilized and used once before being re-sterilized.

- I’ll soon have microphone screens that can be used once and then put in the laundry before being used again to guard against microphone germ sharing.

- The sink, with antibacterial soap and warm water, is now available before, during and after class for all of your 20 second hand washings. Feel free to wash your and your child’s hands at any time.

- I have alcohol based sanitizer (62%) available in pumps throughout the room for easy access.  

- We won’t be sharing brass and wind (mouth) instruments. 

- Surfaces of instruments and the room will be sterilized as much as possible.

- Fresh air from outside is being pumped into the room by a fan and air duct at all times, and the front door will be left open as much as possible.  

- I’m thinking of and implementing more ways to prevent the spread of germs at all times, so more to come...

Hope to see you this weekend if you feel like it. I have makeup slots available for folks who want to join a class this weekend!!!  Please let me know if you’re interested in getting a makeup in!

Hang in there everyone, be safe!!!…Jon