1 Adult Per Child Explanation

I know that my policy of allowing one adult per child might not seem right to some.  I didn’t have it for the first 15 years of my program, and allowing multiple adults into the class would very often lead to great trouble. I find that children attending my class for the first time are far less likely to be engaged and interested in the goings on of the class when both parents accompany them.  For most, it’s their very first time in any sort of group class such as mine, and they don’t yet understand that it is a new and very different situation.  Having their full support team there can keep them in a sort of bubble where they don’t notice the very things that I’m trying to show to the class, or that I’m an authority figure in the class at all.  This greatly affects how the class goes for them and all of the other students, and especially for their parents, who know that things won't be getting crazy every time a new prospective classmate tries the class out.  My class is filled with very attractive instruments and teaching "toys", and some children who have both parents in the room when no one else does feel especially empowered to try and get whatever they want whenever they want it.  As you can imagine, this can lead to big distractions, and behavioral issues that need addressing, as it did very often during those first 15 years.  Since enacting the policy, I find my class has been much more enjoyable and effective for everyone.  

If you are previewing the class, you are more than welcome to switch adults halfway through so both parents can get a sense of what goes on in the class, and how their child reacts to it.